Digital Transformation For Parking Facilities

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Auditing and Loss Prevention

We have designed a system of audits, and checks and balances, that assure the highest level of integrity at all our managed parking facilities. Our data systems and policy of openness and transparency provide our partners with real-time access to operational and management data. The fact that we know what to look for, and we have been around the block in the parking industry, are your assurances that we can provide effective oversight to any parking facility, regardless of size and complexity.

As part of our auditing services we can provide, among others:

  • Performance management
  • Revenue optimization
  • Financial assessment

Parking Business Consulting

Parking is a complex business, especially as facilities get larger. Customers, personnel, vehicles, technology infrastructure, and the large volumes of data they generate, can be overwhelming. It helps to partner with experts that have a proven road map for every type of parking facility and business scenario, and a proven track record!

You will reap the benefits of our experience managing parking facilities of all sizes, including the very largest and most demanding. We can walk you through every step of projects like:

  • Launching a new parking facility
  • Overhauling an existing facility
  • Assessing the operational efficiency of an existing facility and applying corrective measures
  • Evaluating the performance of an existing facility and applying corrective measures

Having mastered all areas of the parking business, including technology, marketing and finance, you can rely on us for the full and successful completion of your project.

Event Logistics

Events can be particularly stressful for parking facilities. Depending on the size of yours, between hundreds and thousands of people and cars will attempt to ingress, and later egress, at the same time. Planning and execution has to be rock solid to face this kind of demand spike, facilities and infrastructure need to be fully operational and resilient. An experienced team like ours can make sure no important details are missed, and that any unforeseen complications are handled in the most effective way possible. Some of the things we can help with include:

  • Traffic flow planning
  • Parking lot and signage design
  • Revenue control
  • Communication protocols and systems
  • Personnel hiring, preparation and training

Parking Garage Management

Every parking facility has it’s own challenges and culture. Working with all types and sizes of parking facilities, we have learned to identify the idiosyncrasies of each facility, and how to best work with them. Our day-to-day is managing parking facilities. We know how to make you and your customers smile.

When managing your facility, we provide among other things:

  • True operational management (proactively preventing problems instead of reacting to them)
  • Automation and I.T. implementation or improvements
  • Financial oversight, auditing and corrective measures
  • Marketing strategy and plan execution
  • Business administration
  • Logistics
  • Detailed real time reporting and financial data, over the Internet
  • Identifying and executing corrective measures in case of operational issues arising

Ground Transportation

We can provide end-to-end ground transportation solutions in and around your parking facility. Shuttles, taxis, limousines, private vehicles, plus excellent customer service at every contact point will keep your customers happy and planning to return. We can apply all the latest mobile and cloud technologies to maximize the capacity of our customer service personnel to respond, dispatch vehicles and verify successful trip completion.


The most sophisticated parking facility technology, and the best implemented management processes, are of little help if there are no customers. This is why it is part of our core business to effectively market parking facilities.

We analyze the current positioning of your facility, offline and online, and identify the best channels for promotional campaigns. Our marketing practice is deep and thorough enough to even include search engine optimization of your online presence, which helps your facility be found more easily on drivers’ mobile phones.

Once the strategy is in place, we have experience executing, and delivering measurable results to your bottom line.

Valet Services

We can design and implement permanent or event-based valet parking teams. We can work with your staff or a 3rd party event organizer to provide efficient and streamlined valet parking services for dozens to thousands of people.

Our valet services can be adapted to all kinds of needs: private parties, music venues, hotels, restaurants, institutions and office buildings, among others.

Parking Lot Design

Whether for a new facility or improving an existing one, of any size, we offer our considerable expertise in parking lot design.

Considering every variable: geography, climate, traffic conditions, nearby venues and population centers, market conditions, plus any existing data from your venue, we help you design the optimal parking facility. Our analysis also considers vehicle traffic on and around your premises, availability and usage patterns for public transportation, security issues, seasonality, plus the type and location of your competitors.

Once we conclude our analysis we will proceed to design a parking facility that addresses both present challenges and future growth, that works with your financial goals, and adapts to real market conditions. Ours is a 360-degree approach to parking facility design, and it works.