Digital Transformation For Parking Facilities

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We successfully manage multiple airport parking operations of all sizes. In parking facilities ranging from regional to international airports, we process millions of vehicles per year, in multiple countries.

The complexities of airport operations: security, financing, regulatory and legal issues, human resources, among others, demand a steady and experienced hand. We build, integrate and collaborate on our solutions, until the fluid, seamless parking operation that is demanded in the high-stakes airport environment is achieved.

Commercial Properties

Innovation and technically advanced solutions that bring new revenue or increase existing revenue to commercial real estate properties is the hallmark of our work. Tailored to fit the exact needs of each venue, our parking solutions can meet any operational challenge. Mobile payments, gated or ungated revenue control systems, ticketless parking, and a myriad other technologies are harnessed by our team of seasoned experts.

Given our financial, legal and business acumen, we’ll at arrive at a deal structured so that your vision will be possible within your strategic constraints. This could be, but is not limited to:

  • Lease deals, including fixed base rent and participation rent
  • Management deals, either fixed fee or “cost plus” arrangements, with full information transparency in real time


Healthcare facilities have unique needs when it comes to parking and ground transportation. Patients, visitors, physicians, and healthcare staff all have different needs and face different stresses in their day-to-day. We manage multiple parking garages for sophisticated healthcare facilities, taking the pressure and complexity off the hands of healthcare providers, so they can focus on what is most important. At the same time, we design and optimize the facility to maximize revenue and client convenience and comfort.

People visiting or staying in healthcare facilities often face physical and emotional challenges that require understanding and care. Our team is knows how to effectively provide parking, valet and shuttle services that really help your clients.


It may start with providing valet parking services to a hotel, eventually, we may end up managing the entire parking facility. Regardless, we know what matters in hospitality: service. Service is how the continued health of your revenue is assured, and our hospitality team knows how to work with hotel and resort staff to integrate effective solutions.

We capture your standards of presentation, service and customer experience, and create the systems so they can be consistently maintained and improved. As the first and last contact your clients will have with your hotel or resort, we treat your clients as well as you would.

Municipal Parking

By definition, municipal parking needs are heterogeneous. Usually a combination of parking lots, garages, on-street parking and small off-street parking spaces, managing municipal parking requires a team that is adaptable and flexible.

Our work with municipal parking has taught us the value of having an integrated team with diverse skills. Some of the services we can provide to cities include:

  • Facility management
  • Personnel training and evaluation
  • Patrol and parking enforcement
  • Mobile data systems
  • Automation and infrastructure
  • Customer service
  • Revenue optimization

Parking for Residential Properties

Increasingly challenged by rising operation costs, property managers and condominium owners have two clear priorities: optimize space usage, and maximize parking revenue. Indeed, a well-designed and well-managed parking facility is a joy to use for residents and visitors, a reliable source of revenue for the property owners, and it keeps unforeseen complications to a minimum.

Residential property owners and managers in multiple countries trust us to provide solutions to manage resident parking, collect payments from visitors and provide parking amenities. Through the use of technology and thoughtful design, we can optimize unused resident parking spaces and turn them into a source of revenue without disrupting the residents.

Parking for Retail Properties

The retail business is more competitive than ever before. Given the current industry landscape, reducing costs and maximizing revenue is of the essence.

A common source of lost revenue for retail is the misuse of what would otherwise be customer parking. Maintaining a positive customer experience while enforcing appropriate use of parking–keeping out commuters and other improper users, as well as retail employees, from occupying valuable premium customer spots–requires finesse, technology and thoughtful design. Advanced technology can be applied to streamline the experience of no-fee parking for paying retail customers, while keeping efficient space management a priority.

Stadiums and Event Venues

Sports events, concerts, fan conferences…event venues manage a large influx of people who are there to enjoy themselves. A smooth parking experience is key to keep the good times going.

Large events especially require a unique combination of skills, resources and experience to be successful. These are some of the services we can provide:

  • Remote parking shuttle services
  • Valet parking services
  • Traffic flow management
  • Personnel training
  • Signaling and wayfinding
  • Data and payment processing
  • Parking enforcement and field auditing
  • General maintenance
  • Parking helpers

Campuses & Educational Facilities

Universities, colleges and other large educational facilities usually have to manage multiple parking lots of different sizes, and complex parking privilege assignments and monitoring. A large campus can combine paid visitor parking with faculty and administrative personnel parking, as well as monthly parking passes for students. Keeping track of all of these, and protecting against lost revenue, requires properly trained personnel, and the help of the right technology solutions. We can help you design or update your parking facility so that the experience is seamless, capacity is properly managed and the needs of your institution or organization are met.